WordPress PDF Viewer: Embedding PDFs in Your Website

WordPress PDF Viewer

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems globally, powering over 40% of the web. While the platform is primarily known for its blogging and website building capabilities, its expansive plugin ecosystem allows users to add almost any functionality imaginable. One such feature that many website owners find useful is the ability to embed and display PDF files directly within their WordPress pages. That’s where WordPress PDF viewer plugins come into play.

What is a WordPress PDF Viewer?

A WordPress PDF viewer is a plugin that allows you to embed and display PDF files on your WordPress website. With such a viewer, your visitors can read, download, or print the PDFs without leaving your site. Instead of offering a direct download link, where users have to download the file to view it, a PDF viewer displays the content right on the web page.

Benefits of Using a PDF Viewer in WordPress

Improved User Experience

 Users can immediately view the content without the need to download the file and open it in another application.

Professional Presentation

 Displaying the PDF content within your site gives a more cohesive and professional look.


 With some advanced plugins, you can track how many times your PDF has been viewed, which pages are most read, and more.


 Some PDF viewer plugins offer content protection, restricting the ability to download or print the embedded PDF.

PDF Viewer for WordPress

pdf viewer plugin wordpress

There are numerous PDF viewer plugins available in the WordPress repository. Here are a couple of the most popular and well-regarded options:

PDF Embedder

 This plugin offers a simple and straightforward way to embed PDF files. It uses JavaScript to embed files, ensuring a smooth display without the need for external services or iframes.

Google Doc Embedder

 Instead of relying on its own viewer, this plugin utilizes Google Docs Viewer to display PDFs. This means your visitors don’t need any additional software or browser plugins to view the content.

WP PDF Viewer

 This is another simple solution for displaying PDFs. It comes with options for downloading and printing, and you can choose to restrict these actions if desired.

WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin

How to Use a WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin

Installation & Activation: Like any other WordPress plugin, begin by installing and activating your chosen PDF viewer plugin from the WordPress dashboard.

Upload Your PDF

 Navigate to your media library and upload the PDF file you wish to display.

Embedding the PDF

Once the plugin is activated and your PDF is uploaded, you’ll typically have a button or shortcode to embed the PDF into your post or page. For example, with the PDF Embedder plugin, you’ll insert the PDF just like you would an image, and the plugin will handle the rest.

Customize Settings

 Depending on the plugin, you might have settings to adjust the width, height, download capability, print options, and other features of the viewer.

The ability to display PDFs directly within your WordPress website offers numerous advantages, from enhanced user experience to increased content control. By selecting the right PDF viewer plugin for your needs and configuring it appropriately, you can provide visitors with an optimal content-viewing experience. Whether you’re sharing eBooks, research papers, or menus, a PDF viewer plugin is an essential tool for many WordPress website owners.

how do i view pdf files in WordPress?

To view PDF files in WordPress: Upload the PDF to your Media Library, then insert a link in your post or page. For an embedded view, use a plugin like “PDF Embedder.”

what is the pdf viewer for WordPress by ThemeNcode?

“PDF viewer for WordPress” by ThemeNcode is a popular plugin that allows users to display and embed PDF files on their WordPress website. With this plugin, users can showcase PDFs in a full-screen reader mode directly within their site, eliminating the need for visitors to download the PDF or view it on a third-party site. The plugin offers features like downloading, printing, zooming, and even social sharing. It’s designed to give a more integrated and user-friendly experience for those looking to display PDF content on their WordPress websites.

how do i extract a pdf from WordPress?

To extract a PDF from WordPress: Go to Media Library, find the PDF, click on it, and then click the “Download” or “View Attachment Page” link to download the file.

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